Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Started, looking at other testing possibilities.

I had the students choose one word problem and start their comic strip.  Most students finished one frame but this is a new program so some people spent much of the class exploring the program.  Some of my more artistic students really had a great time with it.  I'll report back in about a month to let you know how it goes.
I was hoping to give students a practice test tomorrow where they would take a practice test online but I ran out of time this week so I think I am going to plan ahead to do it next time.  There is a push to have my students become comfortable with online testing due to the state tests going online beginning next year.  The problem I have doing this is simply I do not have a way of always looking at their work unless I have them show work on scratch paper and turn that in.  Otherwise I have to choose to accept the answers as right or wrong with no inbetween. This actually brings back a discussion in my college methods class on full vs partial credit.  I usually prefer partial credit but will the state tests end up with the full credit or none.  This is something I have to continue struggling with.