Sunday, March 2, 2014

Performance math tasks and technology

I found a lovely site full of performance math tasks for grades k to 8.  Although I teach HS math, many of the tasks for grades 6 to 8 will work for my students because most are classified as ELL.  I am using performance tasks as homework but I got to thinking.  Why not have students create a video presentation using one of those whiteboard apps such as Educreations or Showme.  So rather than having students write down their explanation, they create a digital response.  If I assign students to work in groups of two and allow some time to create these digital presentations in and out of class, I am thinking it might increase their ability to do these types of assignments.  I think I am going to try it on the next homework assignment (tomorrow) with one on eating candy. 
I am going to make a list of places that offer performance math tasks to share with others.