Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exterior angle app lite.

Friday, I had the students use the geoboard app to find the number of total degrees in a regular polygon.  Yesterday, we took it a step further and I had the students take the information from Friday and divide each total by the number of side to find the individual interior angles.  Once they had that information for 3 to 9 sides, I had them find out what the exterior angle was for each angle and multiply it by the number of sides to find the total of the exterior angles.  Today we went through what they'd learn to create the formulas for individual interior and exterior angles.  It was awesome because they were able to verbalize the formulas and where the formulas came from. 
Today, I had them use the exterior angle lite app.  It began with a video, then had an exploration activity followed by a short 5 question assessment.  Several of my students did not like their scores so they retook the assessment and worked slowly and carefully to improve their overall scores. 
They have been totally involved in this section so far.
On the real world math front, I found some information on Alaska's production of crude oil.  I discovered that production decreased from 7.38 million barrels in 1988 to 1.92 M in 2012.  So Alaska's contribution to total US oil production dropped from 25% to 8%.  According to the internet, a barrel contains 42 US gallons of crude oil.  One barrel of crude oil produces 19 gallons of fuel for your car, truck, snowmachine or ATV.  Using the information, I had students calculate the percent decrease in production, what percent of a barrel of crude becomes gas and an estimate of total US oil production.  I pointed out to the students that we were doing some economic analysis and a few of them were so surprised. Tomorrow, we will check out gold.