Monday, March 24, 2014

Math toons app Logarithms + real world

The Math tons app on Logarithms differs from most of its other apps because it teaches the students something about logs using the mnemonics Be Happy and Bacon and Eggs to help the students learn about logs.  My students enjoyed using the app and said they learned something new.  It is not much but the characters who teach it are loggers who help the students see the process.  They do get some practice problems but not as many as in the other apps  I think I would use this to help introduce the topics of logs.
Todays real world problem was fun.  I discovered that about 56.9% of the cigarettes sold in NYC, are sold illegally.  This is because the price of cigarettes in NYC are $14.50 per pack and this includes a $5.85 tax.  In July, NYC sold about 15, 630,000 packs of cigarettes.  I had the students calculate the number of packs sold illegally, the percent of the cost that was actually tax and how much revenue was lost in a month.  For my students it was quite eye opening.  I am having fun finding these problems.