Thursday, May 29, 2014

Found a nice ebook

I was looking at the iBooks shop for books on iBook author and stumbled across a 21 page ebook on using the iPad to teach math called "Transforming Math with iPad Strategies for best practices".  It is a nice guide with specific suggestions for activities including the use of three dimensional figures and how they are created.  There are lots of examples to check out and it gives me some ideas along with enough information to start playing with it.  
The best thing of all is that this short ebook is free.  I just bought my first Mac and have installed iBook Author on it.  I have been downloading free ebook on iBook author and in the process discovered free ebooks on using the iPad in the classroom so I am exploring those. Tomorrow, I am going to look at "The Teachers iPadoPedia An A-z of using iPad in the classroom." 
In the meantime, I am going to checkout some of the apps mentioned in the ebook I looked at today.