Monday, May 26, 2014

Animation HD

I have had this on my personal iPad for a long time.  This particular app is set up to actually create animated things like a walking man, opening flower, etc.  I tried it today as a way to show how to solve the actual equation.  I tried two different ways.  The first was to write each step on each sheet so only one step is shown and the second was to show the whole problem with one more step for each sheet.  The one problem I found to either way is in playing the animated equation.  I could not set it any slower than 2frames per second.
It appears to work better when animating figures to show congruent sides, angles, and diagonals.  I can export it to my photos, YouTube and one or two other places. In order to save it anywhere else you have to update to the paid version.  I am going to play with this a bit more to see if I can use the free version in my classes but it is going to take some work to use in my math classroom.  These are the frames I quickly created using the program and exported to my photos.