Thursday, May 1, 2014 is the website that was mentioned yesterday in the video clip I watched on the teaching channel.  The motto of the place is transforming education through universal design.  Much of the material on the website is research based and offers professional learning and learning tools.  I looked and the learning tools and was very impressed.  They have a UDL studio so you can create educational materials, an exchange, math puzzles, a curriculum toolkit, a bookbuilder so the teacher can create digital books,  a curriculum self-check, a lesson builder, and several other items.  This is a website I need to utilize over the summer to help me create differentiated lessons so all my students can learn better.  I am impressed and am thrilled I ran across this site.
I finally realized that I do not need to work all the problems in my warm-ups, I can just make sure they have the correct equation so they can do the work themselves.  I should have realized this earlier but didn't and know I'm thrilled I finally got it through my head.  This way students who aren't sure how to do it, have a starting point.