Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Jeopardy Template
While cleaning my desk today, I ran across an assignment from a CILC activity I had done with my students earlier in the year.  The assignment was to create a game with certain elements.  My mind saw this and wandered around before stopping on Jeopardy.  I have a template on my computer for the smart board but is there one for ipads?  After doing a search, there appears to be a jeopardy webiste  which allows you to create your own template without using powerpoint.  I am going to explore this to see if I can have students create jeopardy games to play in class as reviews.  Rather than having me create them reviews, maybe I can have them create the games.  Then the person whose game I use is the person who runs the game.  Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.  I"ve included a screenshot which is rather large but You see how you can put the answer in and the question.  Looks easy and only needed a password to set this up.  It did not require me to join anything.  I plan to explore it more.