Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Graphs for data

I just realized today as I was reading an article on useful app for iPads if you are in business, that I never use any statistical charts or data visualizations.  My students are often quite visual and such an app would allow them to understand some of the material better.  I realize that I could use one of the iWorks suite on it but I am going to check out free apps over the summer to see what else is available.  I want my students to do a bit more with graphs and charts.  I plan to have iworks but I want students to learn to use other apps so they are better prepared for going into the workforce. 
On a positive note, I am going to the ibookhack this summer and I will share the information with others back at school.  I already have one teacher who is planning how to use ibook author in his class next year and has already said we will work together next year.  I am sooo excited about it.
I just heard about Scoodle Jam which is a paid app that allows students to write, draw, type, collage, and brainstorm with creation tools and cross-subject, educational content.  This is one I think I might check out over the summer to see if it has any real advantages.  Since I work with ELL students, I"ve been working on finding ways for my students to express themselves in written form.  This is going to be fun to see how it goes.