Friday, May 23, 2014

Planning units

I decided I needed a change in my lesson planning.  Rather than looking at things in a weekly unit, I need to plan my teaching through the use of units.  For instance, I need to look at polynomials as a unit where students learn what is a polynomial, use of operations with them, synthetic and long division, roots, end behavior so students see the whole topic for a change.  By planning the material as a complete unit, I can create interactive ibooks, assessments, activities and assignments and plan the use of apps in advance instead of waiting till I get home. 
I hope by creating the lessons in this manner, my students will be more interested and willing to learn the material.  I hope this helps them keep up, rather than giving up.  I see the students taking a pretest before beginning the unit so I know exactly where they are and several quick quizzes to monitor their progression through the unit.  I need to make sure I have differentiated instruction written into the unit perhaps as a menu or as a choice of so many problems out of the total.  Something I have to work on.