Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lesson plans for class

I belong to several groups on google communities which provide me information to help improve my teaching and knowledge to create better lesson plans.  In one of the communities, someone posted an article on making mobile learning implementation more effective.  The five major points in this article gave me a lot of thought because the first point is that content should be short and concise due to the shortened concentration spans of the mobile device users.  This made me wonder how practical it would be in a classroom with integrated mobile devices if the students are classified ELL. 
The second point on keeping the information simple and interesting is quite true.  Unfortunately, as classroom teachers we will have to strike a balance between keeping it simple and interesting and meeting the goals of the activity.  For instance, beginning next year all state mandated testing is being computerized and students need to be able to take it seriously and not just rush through because they get bored. 
The other three points have more to do with using proper multimedia, collaboration and tools. I am working on deciding what app to use so that I can have the students collaborate more often in class as a way of implementing a different type of peer tutoring.  I am also going to pull out some books I have with collaborative activities to see how I can modernized them for use with the mobile devices.  This requires that the app used for the collaboration be the proper tool.   I still have to do some research on the proper collaborative app for my needs and I need to work on learning to write good rubrics and to have students learn to utilize them when creating the final product. 
School ends Thursday and I am done on Friday so on Monday, I begin doing prep work for fall.  I will post ideas and lesson frameworks over the summer.