Friday, June 12, 2015

Bump Videos - Factoring Special Cases

There are several apps out there that appear to be made for Mr. Bumps math class.  Some of the apps are free while others cost a bit.  I just downloaded all of the free apps and I am selected  the one on Factoring Special Cases.
Each "page" has a short video lecture on the topic such as "What is a square number?"  followed by a question to check for understanding.  The explanation is clear and very easy to follow.

When ready for the next "page" you hit the arrow and move forward.  What is cool about this whole app is that after the first page,  the video focuses on specifically  solving the problem shown on the page.

In addition, there is a hint button to provide the first step in factoring.  If you hit the hint button again, nothing happens.  You can also check your answer by clicking the blue answer button.

 There are 22 different problems ranging from factoring the  difference of squares to factoring perfect trinomial squares.  22 problems are enough to let a student gain experience and they can work their way through the problems at their own pace.

This app could be used to provide scaffolding, review, differentiation, or even allow students who are advanced to work ahead of everyone else.  I am going to explore more Bump videos and I'll report on them in the future.