Monday, June 15, 2015

Real life applications of shapes

Library, Literature, Books, Brown, OpenI was reading a blog on finding geometric shapes in real life.  The author showed several examples and as I read the blog entry, I got to thinking of how I could use this in my high school math classroom.  I came up with the following ideas.
1. Create a book filled with pictures, general information and perhaps the formula for area and perimeter of the shape.
2.  Create a comic strip with one character talking to another on a tour of the house pointing out the shapes.
3.  Create a video/movie/podcast to share where students found various shapes.
Paper, Texture, Old, Structure4.  A photo scavenger hunt outside of school.
5.  Perhaps divide the students up into groups and assign a shape to each group to find and create a presentation on where to find the various shapes with examples and where these shapes were found.
6.  A pod news cast with each group providing a small segment, a pair of news anchors and they would have to plan everything.  Perhaps even broadcast it throughout the school.

These are just a couple ideas just off the top of my head.