Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coordinate Plane

This morning I found the app Coordinate Plane by Mary Kuchta.  It is a nice little app that has students plot the coordinates given in quadrant 1.   It is very easy to use and not hard to figure out.

If  the student touches the correct location on the grid, a green dot automatically appears and they score 1 for a hit.  If they get mixed up and choose the wrong location a red dot appears and they have a point added to the misses column.

The first shape is a triangle with three points.  The second shape is a trapezoid with four points.  So as they work their way through the rounds, the number of points used to create shapes increases and the shape might end up being an arrow or other concave shape. 

Once they complete the round, they receive stats on how many hits and misses it took them to complete the shape. 

I think this will be an awesome addition to my Pre-Algebra class to build prior knowledge and scaffold their abilities.  Once they've mastered the material in this app, I can move them to Descartes Dots which will introduce and provide practice in creating shapes using all four quadrants of the coordinate grid. 

My Pre-Algebra students tend to have weak skills so I need to build those skills up and have them prepared for Algebra I in a year.

I probably will not post tomorrow because I am traveling all day.  We'll see.