Thursday, June 25, 2015


Toys, Plasticine, Play DoughI was over at Barnes and Nobel the other day.  While perusing the bargain section, I came across a do-it-yourself Clay animation kit complete with DVD and everything.  When I was there, I didn't think anything about it but over the past few days, my mind has played with ideas on how to use it.

Man, Blue, Clay, People, Concept1.  I could have two clay figures who solve a problem made out of clay.  Record it and add sound.  Perhaps the two figures could take apart or build a 3D figure and discuss it.

2.  Maybe students could create enough variables and constants out of clay to solve the problem using the clay figures to solve an equation.

3.  Perhaps a couple clay cars could be used to create a movie showing how to solve rate/time/distance equations. 

4.  Have students create part of a room out of clay and use that to help explain on video how to calculate the amount of paint, carpeting, etc for a house.

5.  Perhaps have the students create characters who are planning to cut down a clay tree and show the calculations to see if they can cut down the tree without hitting the tree near it. 

6.  Use trig to calculate the height of a ladder needed to paint the second floor of a house.  Students can create everything from clay and create a movie.

These are just ideas for using clay animation in the classroom.  I am going to try to move to a more project based classroom and want to use some projects that allow my artist type students to create something while learning math.