Monday, June 29, 2015

Interactive Books pt 1

Kindle, Amazon, E-Reader, Ereader, EinkI am at the iBook Hack in Zeeland, MI.  I am learning to create interactive books using iBook Author. During the welcome speech, I realized I don't have to create books for my students for every thing I want to teach.  I need to check what books have already been published on the topic I need first before trying to write something.

I did a quick look at Geometry and found quite a few free ibooks that looked possible.   The next step is to preview the books to see if the material is exactly what I want the students need. 

Whatsapp, Communication, Social, Contact  There are several advantages to using these free iBooks.

 First, the books are already written.

Second, students can download the book to their own mobile device.

Third, its already created.

Next thing I need to do is talk to the IT department to see if we can download these to the classroom set of iPads.  Not all my students have access to the internet at home so I need to have the books on the ipads so they can work on the assignment after school.