Saturday, June 20, 2015


After downloading and playing with Multiplication!!, I discovered Division!! created by the same people.  It assumes students know their division facts but need practice in division problems. 

It operates about the same as Multiplication !! in that you get the screen with the name of the app.  You hit the start button and you get a problem.  The app takes you through the step by step process. 

It uses the green cursor to let you know where you are in the process and the cursor turns red if you put in the wrong number or you bring down the next digit.

The first time I played this, I subtracted 7 from 8 to get 1 and then brought down the 5 but the cursor turned red because the app only wanted  me to do 8 minus 7.  It brought down the 5 for me.

Once I finished the problem, the app displayed the answer in two forms, a fraction or using the R to indicate remainder.  It has a tutorial, the help and hint buttons and you move on to the next problem when you've completed the problem.

I plan to use this app next year.  I have high school students who struggle to complete the division algorithm.  They either forget the 0 as a place holder or they mess up on their multiplication.  For instance in the line where I had 15, many students will say 7 goes into 15 one time, subtract 15 - 7 to get 8, bring down the 9 and try to figure out how many times 7 goes into 89.

I think I am going to require my students to practice their division using this app.  I love the step by step.

Due to traveling issues, I probably will not be posting tomorrow as I will not have access to the internet and the library is closed on Sunday's.