Sunday, June 7, 2015

Matrix Master2

This entry is being written while I sit in the middle of the airport awaiting my flight to leave for Hawaii.  Many times, I go to the apps store and type in a topic such as Algebra  2.  I download the interesting free ones and then try them out.  Matrix Master 2 is one such app I found.

Matrix Master 2 is a matrix calculator that will find answers for all 12 matrix maths.  I selected Matrix Inverse to try.  It was set up for a 2 x 2 but it is quite easy to add a row or a column for larger matrix.

I am always leary of Matrix calculators because the ones I've seen in the past do not always have much more than the basics or are much harder to use.  This one is fairly simple.  Choose what you want to do, input the numbers and hit continue to get the answer.

 I used  was 4, 3 for the values of my matrix.  After hitting continue it spit
                    3, 2
out the values of the inverse.

I admit I still struggle with the idea that they should know how to do it so they can develop that feel of whether the answer is reasonable.   On the other hand, there is this free app which they can use to find the answer or can use to check their work.

I suspect, I'll settle for them doing the first few problems the long way and then let them use this calculator to find the rest of the answers.

I still have the rest of the summer to decide my policy on this.  I am looking at the idea of having students turn work in only if all the answers are correct.  This means they can use the app to make sure their answers are all correct and perhaps I'll insist they show their work on certain problems.

 I would love it if you would give me some input on your feelings on the calculator vs doing it the long way.

No matter which way I choose to go, I will have this on my iPads in the classroom.