Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stage Pro by Belkin

I keep an eye open for apps that will allow me to create videos with little or no effort.  I have three apps I've been playing with, Educreations, Show me, and Explain Everything. I have the goal of making videos to upload to my school wiki so students can refer to them for help.  Thanks to Lynne Horiuchi of the iPad ed group on google +, I have a fourth one.  It is Stage Pro by Belkin and until
7/4/15, it is free instead of $4.99.

I made a short video within about 5 to 10 min by just reading the directions and putting it together.  First I created the problem using Zoodle pad and saved it to my camera roll. Then I opened Stage Pro, imported it, put it in a corner, brought up graph paper as a background and started recording.  I could pause the recording as needed. 

The pro version allows you to access to all the  of its features for Video Recording, Multiple Canvases, Academic Backgrounds Bundle, Shapes, Multiple Pictures, and PDF.  The Academic Backgrounds bundles include a variety of backgrounds including graph paper, white or black board, ruled papers, photos, maps, etc.  I can use a marker as I did in this video or I could have used a pencil.  The shapes are the basic shapes but the best thing is the labels that say "First", "Second", "This is on the exam," or even "Make your own" so you can create the little stickies we see in real life.

I would say, download it and play with it.  Later on, I plan to try it again and use the multiple canvases and the PDF.  I really enjoyed it.  Give it a try, see what you think.