Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This = That

The other day when I was on the app store, I found a nice little app called this = that.  The object is to take  5 numbers, parenthesis and use the order of operations to find the given answer.   There are three buttons in the lower right corner that are used by the student.  The Deal button is the used to request a new round while the Clear button is the same as the reset button.  The Check button is used when the student believes they have the right answer.  If their answer is incorrect, it simply says shoot to let  the student know.

The student simply clicks and drags the number into the proper square.  If they click on the question mark, a list of operations pops up so the student can select which one they want.  Once they have the equation finished, they click the check button and it lets them know if their answer is correct.

For every correct answer, they get a certain number of points.  I like this app because it provides great practice for students to become fluent using the order of operations.  I believe all my math students from lowest to highest will be able to use this and all of them will be challenged to find the correct answer.