Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Earlier this year I learned that always has lesson plans available to accompany the picture they have on the search page.   There is a small button at the bottom right hand side of the page labeled info.  When you click the info button it brings up a dialog box filled with a little information on the picture.

If you click on the dialogue box, a search web page comes up with full information on the picture.  At the bottom of the entry, is a lesson plan option.

Bing prepares daily lesson plans to accompany the photos.  They do not do Math, or English or Social Studies every single day but they do prepare 4 different sets of plans for grades K to 12.

On the lesson plans page to the left  there is a search engine available to help you find the subject and age group you want. For me,  I would click ages 14 to 18 and Mathematics (all) because I teach high school Math.

The search goes through all the lesson plans they've made over the past few years and only shows those that meet the criteria you've put in.

All that is left is for me to go through the various lessons to see if any are appropriate for my classroom.

The lesson provides indepth learning objectives, materials and just about every thing else you need to prepare the lesson.  At the very bottom is a power point presentation on the lesson.  Although these lessons are designed for use with the PC they can be adjusted.

I plan to utilize several of these activities in my classroom this fall.