Saturday, July 11, 2015

Traveling by Air

I sit here once more in the local airport getting ready to travel.  I watch all the people who scurry from here to there, line up at Starbucks for their morning caffeine, or  stop through one of those numerous food places for a meal.  I wondered how many people are transported every day if the planes are full.

You know, students could use the Internet to look up specific airline and their schedules between two cities and the type of plane used on that route.  A bit more research and students can find out how many people the plane can carry and the fare being charged that day.

So now the student has the information needed to calculate the amount of revenue each flight makes. As for expenses, a quick letter should get that information.  On the other hand, the student should be able to get a figure for cost of the route on the Internet or at least an addy to send the request to.

Hmmm, there is also the concept of maximum weight an airplane can handle so students could divide maximum weight by number of people the airplane holds to figure out the amount of luggage each person is allowed.

   I fly on some very small airplanes.  When you check in they ask you for your weight and you are allowed 100 lbs of luggage including your carry on.  Anything over that and you pay extra.  I have taken some of my friend's stuff because I was under and they were over.  Think what would happen if all airlines did that?