Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Simplify is a calculator that can help simplify radicals and give both the exact answer or a decimal approximation.  It does square, cube and fourth roots for any number inputted.

If you put in a number such as the sqrt85, it shows that 85 cannot be broken down any further and that is the answer.  It also gives the decimal approximation.

On the other hand if you ask for the sqrt120, it shows the break down of what times what is 120 and then the answer with both a root and with a decimal approximation.

You can also find the cubed root of 120 and the fourth root.  Each time it will show the breakdown if possible along with the final answers.

This is a calculator so it could only be used to check answers. It does not have any explanations or lessons to help learn the actual process.  The only real way I see using this app is to have students do the work and then have them check their practice work using this during a guided practice.