Sunday, July 19, 2015

CK-12 foundation

Over the summer, during a class, I learned about the CK-12 foundation. This is a great website filled with a variety of resources for both teachers and students. 
 Yes, it is web based but the foundation also has textbooks that can be downloaded from Amazon for sure for free.  The nice thing about the foundation is that they offer materials for Math, Science and several other subjects so if you need textbooks, videos, assessments, etc they are available.
 I clicked on Algebra and the page listed all the topics covered in the class from real numbers to matrices and quadratics.  I find this really nice because I can look for a specific topic.  Once I clicked on graphs in the coordinate plane, I got a page that showed all the activities associated with the topic.
There are readings, videos,  activities, study aids, assessments, weblinks, and real world situations.  Everything you need to help students learn the material.  The best thing is once you decide which of these you want, you can add them to a flexbook and download that to use. 

You also have the choice of adding it to a library, sharing things, download (in PDF, mobi, or epub formats)  or customization.  It is free to join and I plan to use this website for a class I have to teach.  Due to the way the schedule ended up, I have to combine two classes and I can use this website to prepare materials for the older students so they can be more independent learners so I can work with the younger students. 

I see so many ways I can use the materials in all my classes.  Yeah!