Friday, July 10, 2015

Tweeting in Math

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My students love to text.  They love to text to each other during class if they can sneak it in, between classes, after school or any other time they can manage.  I'm thinking of using Twitter in the classroom but I don't use a cell phone at school since as an adult I am trying to set a good example. The other thing is that my cell phone does not work at the school due to a different provider being the carrier there. 

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Honestly, the school frowns upon using cell phones in school but I can take the premise of Twitter and use it in my classroom.  I like the 140 character length because you have to be concise.  Now with that in mind and the fact that my students would rather cut and paste material,  maybe I could apply the 140 character length to summaries,  to writing a problem based on a picture, or describing what is wrong with a problem.

Diary, Journal, Book, Memories, LoveI hope to increase student writing in the math class and most students hate to write so by using the 140 character limit, it might make them willing to write if they know they have to write a bit.

Of course, this is where their being concise comes in.  They won't be able to use fluff to fill it out and it might improve their over all writing.   We'll see how it works when school starts.