Friday, July 24, 2015

SMART Adventures Mission Math 1: Sabotage at the Space Station

This is a paid app that I stumbled across one day when it was  offered for free.  SMART Adventures is a game that gives students a chance to practice their math skills in a fun game.  The idea behind the game is that you are a junior agent and you're assigned to help find out why things are going crazy at the space station.  This app is geared towards females and the only choice for your character is a female one so boys might not be excited about using this one.

Once the student has set the skin, hair, eyes, and clothing, your agent is ready to go.  This app has an introduction to set up the mission and a leader who gives orders.  The junior agent has others to help her as she goes through the space station solving math problems.  The space station has 5 levels with one to two labs per level.  Each lab is different and requires a different math skill to complete.

This photo shows the two labs on level 1.  To open the lab, you tap on the door and they slide open so your character can go in.  Once in a lab, someone comes on and states the problem along with information on how to do the work.

 Each lab has a problem based on the type of lab it is. This lab is the computer lab and the premise is that the computer language got messed up and its your job to solve the simple problems and find the answer in Mandarin Chinese.  If a student works through all the labs, they will have practiced basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, bar graphs, place value, measurements of volume and mass, factors, multiples, angles, polygons and spatial rotation.
Students see applications for space travel, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, and other topics.

One of the best things, is the student can pause the game and pick it up exactly where they left off.  This app is geared for middle to upper elementary but it could easily be used in middle school or high school for students who need remediation or scaffolding for basic skills.  I admit, I had a great time playing it myself and like it.