Monday, July 27, 2015

Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)

As part of my research for yesterday's column, I ended up at the Mathematics Assessment Project. The site was created and designed to be part of the Math Design Collaborative.  It has both formative and summative assessments for use in the classroom.  These assessments are designed for grades 6 to 12 and covers lessons, tasks, tests, professional development, and teaching for a robust understanding tool suite.
First of all, the lessons are classified as the formative assessments with 100 lessons covering a variety of topics.  Each lesson plan has everything you need to teach the lesson including the resources.  There is even a guide to be downloaded by teachers and administrators before starting.
Next is the summative assessment section they call tasks.  there are currently 94 tasks for middle school and high school.  I like that each lesson has the Mathematical Content Standard and is identified as to the level of task, such as apprentice or expert.  In addition, the task provides the rubric, an unscored student paper so you can practice along with a scored student paper so you can see how you did on the scoring. 

The test section is still in draft form but there are six each available for high school and for middle school.  The middle school tests are 80 min long but can be divided into two 40 min tests. In addition, each test comes with a rubric to use for scoring.  These are provided as examples of the types of tests students should be able to take and are based on the common core.

The professional development has 5 modules  in draft form to help learn more about using the formative assessments.  Each module comes with the session guide and handouts, sample lesson plans, and suggested lesson plans.  There is a video showing teachers trying the lesson and then discussing how it went.

Finally, there is the teaching for robust understanding (TRU) suite which is a framework and designed to help increase learning in the classroom.  It provides a series of downloads of material that could be used as self study or in a group. 

 This has a lot of great ready made materials that could easily be integrated into the classroom.  All this and its completely free without the need to sign in.