Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mathematics Design Collaborative

While pursing a topic, I ended up at the Bill and Melissa Gates page for the Mathematics Design Collaborative.  The idea behind this site is to produce college ready students. 
When you first get to the page they have a list of topics and grades for material offered via the website.  Notice the list covers grades 6 to Algebra II course outlines you can download in PDF form.

For the fun of it, I clicked on evaluating statements about length and area under Algebra I.    It downloaded a two page PDF titled "
Professional Learning Module
Modeling the enactment of the Formative Assessment".  It has every step for carrying out this assessment and there is a web link at the top that sends you to corresponding page at the Mathematics Assessment Project.
 The explains every step in the unit along with the appropriate material to use at this point.  It assumes you will bring up the website associated with the material in the PDF.

 This last link leads you to the actual lesson complete with mathematical goals, introduction, materials required, time needed, mathematical practices, lesson type, mathematical content standards, and all resources that you can easily download.

So what you have is a nice formative assessment all ready to go with everything you need. 

I like having access to actual formative lesson plans because I do not always have time to  sit down and create these.  Tomorrow I"ll give more information on the Mathematical Assessment project which has so much to offer teachers.