Thursday, July 23, 2015


I was checking my account in Schoology when I discovered they have a list of apps for their website.  I choose Nextlesson which has both free and paid lessons.  They allow a free sign up or you can use your google signin for this site.

Once you've checked in, you get a page with the following information.  You have an option of checking your lessons, checking out new features or explore the lessons by standard or topic.  When I chose subject, I was taken to a page with a
 search engine at the top.  Under it, there were lessons listed under editors choice, free lessons, performance based tasks, activities, rank and reason, 21st century, projects and PBL's, and finally essentials.

The lessons are for grades K to 12 in Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.  It is easy to check out a free lesson, make adjustments and download it to your lessons

This is a lesson on Ebola and Math.  There is a one click download button, shows you the standards the lesson meets, grades and gives you an idea on what its about.  Once you download it into your lessons,  you get a lesson plan and all the sheets you need to teach the unit.

This is awesome.  I downloaded the app associated with Nextlesson to my schoology account, I am going to go through the free lessons and choose the ones I want and finally, I'll figure out how to put the lessons in the apps so I can assign them to my students.  Cooool.