Sunday, July 5, 2015

Space Exploration

Rocket, Lift-Off, Liftoff, AstronauticsI am attending a conference that focuses on space exploration and other topics of scinece.  There is a ton of math involved in that topic including calculations such as:
1.  Lift off
2. Angles for leaving the planet and heading for a planet.
3.  How much fuel is needed to get off the planet? 
4. How do they measure fuel for rockets.
5.  How fast is the speed of light?
6.  How fast is the speed of sound?

Planet, Saturn, Saturn'S Rings 7.  How large a space ship would you need to take people to Mars?
8.  What would it weigh with people, supplies, etc?
9. Could you actually launch such a space ship?
10. Rate/Time/Distance to get to the Moon, Mars, etc.
11.  What are trajectories and how do they effect escaping the atmosphere.

These are just some of the question that could be explored in a cross curriculum unit.
In English, they could read a book such as to the Moon by Jules Verne while in Science they can look at astronomy and in Math they could do the calculations.

I realize that the way school is designed at the moment, it is often hard to create units like this due to the way the school admin applies the curriculum but just think how much more meaningful these topics might be if we could show that each topic is not a single entity but interrelated  in real life.