Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Math Ninja

While looking for multiplication apps, I found Math Ninja HD Free which is actually a game that helps students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and is set up to do the game before they practice their math.

It is set up so students have the choice of three levels of difficulty, easy, medium, and ninja.  In addition, the student can chose to practice problems from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division or from all four.  They also have the option to customize their choice.

Once the game starts, they have a mad tomato man who wants to take over the world but the math ninja is the only thing that stands between them.  The ninja starts with a blow gun and unlimited darts to use to keep the robo-cats and robo-dogs from taking over.  The student uses their finger to aim the darts.

If the student takes out all the robo animals, there are math problems at the end of the round.  If the answers are correct, the student gets a monetary reward.  With the reward, the student is able to buy more weapons to fight the animals with. 

Each round gets a bit harder and as long as the ninja is able to take out the robo animals, there is a chance to advance but if the students is not able to get rid of all the robo animals, they loose.

So the math facts are what help the student gain additional weapons and practice. I would say this app is good for both elementary and middle school plus possibly it could be used as remediation in high school.  I think I"ll try it out to see how well the students like it.