Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Although I teach high school math, I still have quite a few students who do not know their multiplication tables so I've downloaded several multiplication apps to review.  The reason I'm looking at multiplication games is nothing more than selfishly wanting my students to have the best foundation for doing math. 

I saw some research that indicates if a student does have their multiplication tables down cold, they use more of their short term memory trying to figure out the answer to the simple multiplication problem, leaving less space for learning the material.

Today I am looking at Multiplication Genius, the free version which
covers 2 to 5, 9, 12 and 19's.  In order to get 2 to 19, you have to purchase the free version.  There is a reference page under the times table which shows every multiplication problem from 2 x 2 to 19 x 19.  This part of the app would be excellent for my special students who need the extra element during class.

When you click on the New Game,you are given a choice of Easy - 9's, Medium - 12's or Hard-19's but as far as I can tell the 9, 12, or 19 is the biggest number you can multiply by.

The problem is given and you are given 4 possible answers to choose from.  If you are right, it says good job, if you select the wrong answer, it says better luck next time.  It pretty much gives as many problems as a student wants to do.

I am hoping to figure out which of about 4 multiplication apps I have that would interest my older students in such a way, they don't feel "stupid", their words, not mine.   This looks like a good one just to practice their multiplication facts.