Friday, June 5, 2015

Math 4 Adults

Math 4 adults is another app by Pop Pop LLC who made Death  by Math the app I reviewed yesterday.  This app is designed to help adults learn to do word problems.  It has over 300 word problems from grades 1 to 8 for adults to work through.  It pretty much operates the same way

The problem with this app or the other one is simply, if you cannot do the problem and you have no idea how to start it, you'll spend your 300 coins getting the answer so you can move on.  Yes you can watch ads to earn more coins. 

I'll be honest, I spent the 300 coins to answer the question because I couldn't figure out how to use the digit 3 twice, otherwise, I would have had the answer right.   It still said, "Congratulations, you guessed right". 

Other than that, the problems are challenging because you have to read them carefully to use.  I think I would use the KFCW form to solve many of the problems if I assigned them in class..

K is for "What do you know" or what information did they give you.
F is for "What do you have to find.
C is for "What things do you have to consider or think about to answer it."  Things like formulas, extra steps, operations, etc.
W is for the "Work"
 I always require them to do the KFCW so they learn a systematic way of solving word problems.  Too often, the students who struggle with the basics also struggle with word problems and this method helps them so they don't just guess and throw in the numbers to use in some way.