Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comics and Digital Portfolios

Moe, Woman Girl, Manga, Anime, CartoonSince I don't have any stop motion apps on the classroom set of iPads, I assigned the students to prepare a comic strip on Transformations using either Comic Maker or Zoodle Comic

The other reason is simply that one of my students from last year asked when we would be doing comic strips again.  I was so thrilled to be asked when they could do that activity again.

Most of the students chose Comic Maker because it had more options for backgrounds, characters, bubbles, etc to choose from while Zoodle allowed more creativity on a solid background but was more limited on number of characters available.  In addition Comic Maker allows you to figure out how many frames  you want at the start whereas Zoodle has you dow one frame at a time and once you are done, you put it into strip form.  About half the students chose Comic Maker while the other half went with Zoodle.

Now the issue I'm having is that a few students in my Geometry class do not want to keep digital notes.  They would rather keep handwritten notes.  I want them to keep digital notes so they develop skills for the workforce and learn one or more apps they might use at a future job.  Although most students can operate their mobile devices, they don't usually have productivity or utility apps on their devices that they use.  They mostly play games, take snapshots or do something similar to that.

 Any suggestions on how you'd handle this?????