Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Inside Mathematics

Fractal, Splash, Liquid, Abstract  Today while looking for performance tasks, I came across a group I've never heard of.  Inside Mathematics!  They have sections for educatiors, tools, videos, resources, problem of the month, and performance assessment tasks.

What is nice is that the performance assessment tasks cover from grade 2 all the way up to high school tasks which are divide into the stands.  Each task come with the tasks, the rubric and suggested answers so you have a guideline.

I looked at the performance task on quadrilaterals.  The packet is 20 pages long and starts with the task and the rubric, then has multiple examples of answers and how each was graded according to the rubric.  I love that because it helps me see how this was done.

Many of the videos are designed to help teachers improve their teaching rather than show how to do it.  I saw one on ratios that I hope to check out.  Admittedly, it appears most of the videos are geared for elementary but I'm sure I can use some of the material since many of my students are ELL.

I look forward to watching several of the videos when I get a spare minute or two.