Thursday, October 15, 2015

Humor Today

Phone, Dial, Old, Arrangement, Nostalgic  Since I moved to the Bush of Alaska, I have seldom received telemarketer calls.  I used to get them all the time when I lived in Colorado, New Mexico and other states.  I hated those calls because they always arrived at a bad time or they were trying to sell me something that I didn't need or couldn't afford.

I got tired of trying to say no and having them ignore it.  I really hate just hanging up on them, so I developed a question for them to answer in 15 minutes, I would listen to them.  Usually after posing the question, I'd hear dead silence and never hear from them or the company again.  I think they put me on the do not call list.

I usually asked them to solve a not too complex math problem.  I simply said if they could find the fourth derivative of sec^2 theta within the next 15 minutes, please call me back with the answer and I'll listen to the sales talk. Do you know that I never heard from any sales people with the answer?  That was sooo cool.

Today I"m taking a class on learning to teach writing in my math classes.  I've gotten one technique I can use for my math class.  Divide the students into groups and assign each group a part of the text.  Have them read it, summarize the material and then write up where others can see it.  Yeah.  I can try it Monday.