Thursday, October 22, 2015

Online Algebra Games

Some days I look for online Algebra games for my students.  I found a nice site with several games that will only work on a computer or a tablet with flash.  This means it will not work on the iPad. 

Math-Play has some really nice Algebra games.  The first one, one step equations, is really quite nice.  Students are given a multiple question and each time they determine the correct answer, they are given a chance at a 3 point throw.  However, if you miss the question, you automatically miss the shot.  Every time you get the correct answer, you get a chance to attempt a 3 point throw by deciding where to aim.

The equation games uses a concentration format where two square are flipped to see if they have the same answer.  If you are wrong, the two squares flip back and you try again until you start matching them.  The absolute value equation games is in the format of who wants to be a millionaire so more money is earned with each correct answer.

There are 18 different Algebra games offered including a game for solving systems of equations, one on the coordinate plane, one on slope intercept, one for finding square roots and so many other games that students should find challenging and interesting.

In addition, this site offers 14 Geometry games in an assortment of formats,  11 Interactive games for elementary and middle school students, 14 classroom games plus more games for elementary and middle school students.

It turns out you can use some of these games on your smart board and the team or student who gets the correct answer can go up to the board to make the shot or do the activity.  This means I can incorporate this game into my daily lessons using my smart board.  Cool!  Another resource.