Saturday, October 3, 2015

Interactive Notebooks.

Notes, Book, Paper, Note, EducationIt has always been hard to find information on interactive notebooks for high school math but thanks to Josh Fisher, I was directed to Sarah Hagans' website M+A+T+H = Love.  This wonderful lady has posted examples of the interactive notebooks she uses with her classes and offers the materials freely.  I am so thrilled because I can start using some of the units in my Algebra I class.  Yeah.  I think it is going to help them.

Her interactive notebooks include table of contents, chapter contents and lots and lots of foldables.  Its the foldables that would make it hard to put on a digital device but as someone pointed out, technology encompasses different levels of technology and we don't have to do everything digitally.  I can always have the students create an end project to integrate technology and show what they have learned.  Furthermore, some students need that kinestetic element that digital devices do not offer.

I have looked for information on using interactive notebooks in my classroom but honestly, life seems to come and throw a monkey wrench into my available time so I can't do the research I need to do.  This site is awesome and gives me everything I need to do this.  

I will be starting these interactive notebooks with my Algebra I class on Tuesday.  I have the composition books, I have the glue, I have everything else I need to I can hardly wait to try it.  I really appreciate these resources she has provided.  Thank you Sarah Hagan!