Sunday, October 25, 2015

Survivor Algebra

Mathematics, Algebra, Homework, School  While researching games, I came across this series on something called Survivor Algebra on cool math.  It is several pages long and is more of a teaching method rather than an actual game.  It is gamification of the algebra class based on the Survivor game complete with tribe names and directions on running it.  Although this is for college, the author includes information on working with middle school and high school students.

This article includes the rules, the set-up of the class and how to teach based on research, types of exams, and ways to decrease anxiety.  It is cool because there is information on putting students in tribes, explains the best materials to help students pre-learn the material (flipped classroom), how to cut down on socialization time when they should be doing math, motivating students, gaining and keeping their trust,

Cool Math is a really awesome website to integrate into the classroom.  It has some very student friendly explanations which can be used inside and outside of class for a variety of math levels.  I use this website in class so students can be exposed to the material from sources other than myself and the textbook.    While writing this, I found a nice explanation of Pythagorean Identities for my Pre-Calculus class on Monday.  It also has a nice section on fractions for the pre-algebra class.  So guess where most of my kids will be on Monday?