Friday, October 2, 2015


Ice Hockey, Goalie, Goal, Sport, TeamI work at a very small school so when a sub does not show up on time, I sometimes end up with a second class in my room.  This morning, I had the chemistry class in with my Algebra II.  The science class is working on volume, mass and density so I found a great video on the topic that worked well for my math class.

I discovered the Science 360 website.  They have among other things great videos for use in the classroom.  I found a video on the application of mass, volume, and density to Hockey!

The video focused on the ice on a hockey rink and the math and science that is used to keep the ice under the proper conditions for play.  They spoke about why they use a salty brine for the ice, why its done in layers and even the volume of ice they produce.  It was extremely thorough. 

My students loved the whole video.  My hockey fan was engaged and the other kids wanted to watch more of these videos because they could relate to the material.  If I had known about this one, I would have used it in my science class

I think I'm going to see if I can find more videos for my math classroom.  I love it when my students are fully engaged.