Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Maths

Retro, Pen Paper, Math, Calculations  Today, I stumbled across the Fun Maths website which advertises itself as a website for High School Math.  It has both a teacher and a student section.

The teacher section offers printable worksheets, math projects, and games and puzzles while the student section offers games and tutorials.  The worksheet are nice and many approach the topic in a slightly different way so it can be used to provide additional practice.

The site provides workshops in numeracy, algebra, geometry, measurement, trig, and statistics.  All the subjects a teacher is likely to need.  The math projects covers tessellations, Valentines math and circle math.  Finally the games section sends you to the student cool games site with 14 games.

For students, there are many tutorials for different math topics.  The tutorials tend to be short explanations with examples but the games section has some really nice games like Ratio Blaster where I had to blast invading spaceships with the correct ratio that corresponds to the ratio on the gun.  At the end, it gave me stats and told me which ones I'd missed.    Then there was the Alien Angles game where I was given an angle and I had to move the arrow to that angle using only my eye to gauge it.  I checked and if I was close enough I got the points, if not, it let me know but in either case, a protractor appeared so I could check it.

Do these games work on the iPad?  I don't know as I didn't get a chance to check but my suspicion is that these games are probably flash based but it can be used for worksheets and tutorials without a problem.