Monday, October 12, 2015


Book, Read, Relax, Lilac, Bank, Old  I have several apps on my iPad so I can create notebooks, portfolios, or books.  I need to create my own interactive digital notebook so I know what I can and cannot do in the application.

Yes, I realize that it is different from the paper version but I still want to see how to bring in certain paper based graphic organizers, write on them and incorporate some other things.

I 'd like to see if any of the apps would allow me to incorporate galleries, voice overs, matching or fill in the blank activities.  I want to start the interactive notebook in Geometry on Monday so I need to figure out how to start it tomorrow.  Its all one step at a time and by experimentation.

I plan to incorporate an overall table of contents, chapter table of contents, page numbers, drawings, annotated photographs, voice, quizzes, etc. Of course I've already done a web search on creating interactive digital notebooks and found some very general articles but not a lot of specifics.

The most specific information I found was on setting up digital interactive notebooks using either google docs or evernote.  Otherwise, there is little out there.  So it will be just a matter of playing around and seeing what will work for my classroom.  As we all know, every classroom has its own individual needs and requirements.  I will report back on what I get done and share how it goes.