Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Geoboard app part 2

Today, one of my students figured out how to streamline the transformation activity on Geoboard.  I'm used to physically adding new bands as  needed  to show movement but one of my students played with it to figure out how to create a copy that could be moved around to do the translation.

First off, he created a rectangle on a coordinate plane using the larger board.  Under the left end of the blue bands, there is a small symbol composed of a square, triangle and what looks like a drop of water.  He touched this so the rectangle filled in and the corners became visible. This is the 9th icon from the left. 

Then he clicked on the two squares under the right side of the red bands.  This made a duplicate of the original square.  It is the 7th icon from the left.  It is great because you can rotate the whole shape clockwise or counter-clockwise.  The shape was moved about 5 units then rotated to its current position.

Then tap outside the shape and all the markers disappear.  If desired the student can calculate area through the use of a calculator which types the numbers on the geoboard.  They can also create hand written notes on the face of it.

 Now the finished product can have a screen shot taken of it and then sent off to the teacher.  This was fun for me learning something new.

Tomorrow I plan to  talk about how to use geoboards to help transition from finding the slope using a graph to the equation for finding slope.