Thursday, May 2, 2013

Factoring and Showme or educreation

I was able to use the venn diagram today to show my students to find the LCM of an algebraic fraction.  It worked beautifully and helped several of my students understand finding the LCM of this type of fraction.  They could find LCM's for numbers but had trouble extending their knowledge to an algebraic fraction.
I am thinking of having the students make a presentation showing how to use the venn diagrams for finding the LCM of algebraic fractions.  I am thinking of having them use showme or educreation which is what I'm familiar with.  I am going to research apps tonight to see if there is an app that would make more of a podcast type presentation with video/sound/etc. 
This might help them connect with their prior knowledge.  If anyone has  suggestion on apps that would be good for this type of presentation. I'd love to hear from you.