Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Infographics and learning

I am still working on lesson plans using the volume app but we recently got our state test results and they were not as high as hoped.  So I was thinking of a way to improve student understanding of their results and one way for me to increase my monitoring of their learning.
In regard to their understanding of their individual results, I am thinking of having each high school student I teach take their results and the state results and create a graph from that data to insert in an infographics they create of their data.  Right now we just review the data, talk about it and go on as before.  Maybe if they put the data into a visual display, it might make more of an impact on them.
As for monitoring their learning, I am seriously considering using some sort of weekly testing process.  If I set up a quiz on testmoz.com, I know I can get a download of how the students did on the quiz and on each question to provide me with data for my instruction.  My school is stressing data given instruction so this is one way to gather the data I need.