Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flipped classroom

I just read an infographic on ways to flip your classroom and many of the suggestions do not require that my students watch a video on the internet.  This opens more opportunities for me to be able to flip my classroom.  Many of my students do not have internet at home and have a limited data plan so they cannot watch videos on their mobile devices.  I feel stupid for not knowing I could have them interview a parent to see where math fits into their job, or read a blog, or write something or even visit the library to find information.  I am glad to have options because my students would get bored watching a video all the time.  If it involved reading up on a topic, maybe I ask students to install certain apps on their mobile devices so they can take the work home to do on the device and then put the answer in a QR code to return to me.  Ohhh the possibilities.  Homework could become more mobile......LOL