Monday, May 6, 2013

Three apps

I have three apps I just downloaded from the apps store and I will be working with them to decided if I can use them in my classes and if I can plan ahead by making presentations, etc to use with them.  I am mostly thinking of the best way to use them.
The nearpad application which allows the teacher to share a presentation, quiz, etc with the students and actually be synchronized with student iPads so you swipe and it changes the page on their iPad.  One concern is giving a quiz during the time.  I think I would place that towards the end so each student has the chance to work at their own pace.  What impressed me simply is that you can try nearpad using your pc or mac instead of another iPad or iPod.  It worked quite well.
The ask3 app states that you can turn the ipad into an interactive white board with sound recording etc.  When I investigated it, it appears I can only set it up for one class and cannot carry the material over to the next semester.  The company stated they are working on that feature.
Subtext is a lovely app that allows you to pull in a worksheet, reading or book, add questions, notes, etc so that it becomes an interactive experience and helps the student improve their reading.  I can see using it for word problems and for material out of the book.  At this point in time, it does not do pdfs but they hope to have the app use pdfs come fall.  You have to convert the pdf to epubs first.
Now that I know about these apps, I can figure out how to incorporate them into my lesson plans but first I have to convince the tech dept that I need my iPad on the wireless system so I can use them.