Monday, May 13, 2013

Thoughts on mastery

I just got some of the results back from the state on my students.  One or two of the ones who should have passed did not.  I realized today one reason they may have had difficulty is they want every single problem they do in class checked to make sure it is correct and they want me there guiding them on each problem.  I think they are afraid to make mistakes.  So I am going to implement a weekly mastery test on the computer so they can do 4 or 5 problems once a week and they will select the correct multiple choice answer.  I hope this will help them prepare for the State Tests better and will give me a better assessment tool to use. 
I struggle to get the students past the "I can't do it so why even try" attitude many of them have.  If I can help them succeed, their attitude changes and many go from disrupting the class to actually working. 
I am open to suggestions.