Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Infographics + finding information.

Most of my students are below proficient in writing.  That is the last part of the state test they tend to pass.  I was playing with infographics yesterday and had a great time.  In the process I decided that I am going to see about importing infographics into a program such as subtext and adding some questions so that my students have to find the information and reply using complete sentences.  I can also add in some compare and contrast activities.  Since many infographics have actual stats, it falls neatly into math.  Right now, the students get out early on Wednesdays so teachers can have their weekly meetings.  The length of the classes on Wednesdays are perfect for this activity.  I think I will also do one word problem on Wednesdays using the KWC process. They need to work on taking the time to find information rather than asking me immediately for help.
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