Friday, May 24, 2013

Thoughts on the volume app

I have given some thought to the best way to use the volume app I mentioned a few blogs ago.  The videos are well done but it has a mechanical voice which may make my students dislike the videos  I am going to create a set of questions to answer as they watch the videos  This way they have to actually pay attention to what is being watched.  I am also going to include some problems based on the material in the videos so they have to attempt to work some problems to see if they understand the process. When they are done, they can check a QR code to see if they get the answers correct.  I am going to use those QR codes more often beginning in the fall. 
I am now on holidays but will spend the summer actually writing lesson plans and units with more integration of the iPad.  As I come up with ideas and plans, I"ll share the information with my readers.  I will be starting Monday and hope to post something from then.